Who we are

DARKOM VOYAGE is a Moroccan travel and tourism agency founded in 2008, its objective is to maintain the quality in the efficiency of the service by providing it and to drop it by making it as varied as it is pleasant.

Our specialist team will help you organize your travel requirements and get the best out of your vacation in Morocco. Darkom voyages are dedicated to work in close cooperation with international travel companies and direct clients to develop off the beaten track unique itineraries and unforgettable Morocco travel & tour experiences. Our dedicated staff of travel advisors will be pleased to assist you with your request, until you fly back home…

Morocco is a destination like no other in the world. It is probably the only holiday destination where, on a week-long excursion, you can hike at high altitude in the Atlas Mountains, ride a camel or horse in the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, spend a few nights in a comfortable Riad, take Kiteboarding lessons, spend time exploring the oases and kasbahs of the south or just relax on the beach, if you are interested our head office in Agadir and our branch in Essaouira and Ouarzazate will help you spend a dream week.

Our quality

What makes DARKOM VOYAGE unique is the fact that all our travel advisers have more than 10 years of experience in the management and design of your trips to Morocco, stays, excursions and event stays.

Book your tours in Morocco with DARKOM VOYAGE and let our travel experts adapt your dream Moroccan vacation, which does not necessarily make your budget explode thanks to our purchasing power, our insider knowledge and our consistently search for new partners or experiences that keep us away from the crowd.

We have the knowledge, we want to share it. As a truly local company with over 10 years of experience, we really know Morocco – its landscapes, its people, its wildlife. But equally importantly, we are determined to share that knowledge with you, so that you can get to know our beautiful country too.

From the moment you make your first inquiry to the moment you leave, you’ll find we have the knowledge to make your trip unforgettable. Our staff will help you plan your trip, our driver and guides are often praised for ‘going the extra mile’ to ensure that our travellers have the best experience possible. Our knowledge becomes your knowledge.


Our high quality services include:

  • Desert tours: shared, private and luxury.
  • Luxury arrangements at your request.
  • One day tours in other interesting cities.
  • Activities: Camel trekking, hiking, Music entertainment and camping.
  • Airport transfer, Hotel transfer.
  • Breakfast and dinner during the tours.

Our tours are officialy Recommended at TripsPoint.

How it work?

01. Choose the place & time

Are you traveling as a couple, with children, for a girl’s/guy’s trip, or taking a solo adventure?

Are you thinking about a long weekend getaway, a 2-week trip, extended travel, or something in between? Depending on where you live and the amount of time you have to travel, DARKOM VOYAGE provide for you all sort of travelling programs.

02. Book your travel

It so easy to search a wide variety of programs. Our website allows you to compare lots of travel products from different places and find the program that’s best for you.

Aspects such as competitive rates and simplified booking process along with clear navigation tools and mobile-friendly interfaces make us a top choice for our clients who just want a quick and efficient way to book travel… anytime, anywhere.

03. Start enjoying

Our specialist team will advise and help you during you travel to make it best, funny and memorable.

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